Lars Schmidt
Mountains and Rivers
are Speaking

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Lars Schmidt is a naturalist, a multidisciplinary artist, and builder of bridges at the margins of artistic and ecological thinking, born in Germany.

His work explores a wide range of cultural and spiritual matters, often opening inter- and transdisciplinary spaces, in order to support the emergence of a new narrative.
He explores the creative process by making use of different forms of performance art and dance, poetry, film and photography, or the realms of music and sound art.
He draws from meetings and collaborations with shepherds and farmers, foresters, scientists, and representatives of indigenous and spiritual traditions.

He also creates gardens.

Formative years in New York City.
Background and studies in music and the performing arts, somatics, photography and film, anthropology and ecology.

Later life and work on organic farms in France and Italy, and studies of applied ecological design (Diploma of Applied Permaculture Design).

Lived, worked and teached in major cities like New York, Paris, Berlin, Buenos Aires, Barcelona or Oslo.
Regular periods of retreated life in mountain regions of France and Norway.

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