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lars schmidt

Mountains and Rivers are Speaking

The Arts in Service - On Learning To Live And To Die,
Interrelating the Arts, Ecological and Spiritual Understanding

Improvisation as mode of being and ecological practice

Body of Work in the context of MLitt Fine Arts and Performance
Glasgow School of Art, 2019/20

A statement that should provide a coherent framework is to be found in the menu to the left under 'The Arts in Service | Essay'.

A central work I would mention is 'Kata', an instant composition I made during lock down. It is best to be listened to with headphones or good speakers.
I also wrote and revised some texts during this time. (Improvisation and/as Ecological Practice, ...)
Apart, or better: in addition to that, here is a list on my body of work throughout the MLitt.

_'Make Life Poetry'
Woodblock Print, Ink on paper, 59,4x84,1cm
_ 'Everything we don't understand is explained in art' - for Amiri Baraka
Paintings (selection), Acrylic on paper, 21x29cm
Performance, *
_'You should ask rice fields and gardens for the truth’
Sculptural work (selection), site specific
_Sonomama Sessions at Center for Contemporary Art, Glasgow
'Ahata, Anahata | The Struck/Unstruck Sound', Sound Art and Instant Composition, Performance;
Bech Hill Conversations, ** *
_'Take A Stand'
Live Performance/Choreography, site specific, *** *
_'From the Notebooks'
Photographic work
Film/Performance *
_'What Happens To A World That Kills All Its Wolves?'
Film/Performance *
_'Mu Landscapes - Resilience and Regeneration in Times of Social and Environmental Emergency'
Feedback and Consultation on Regenerative Farming Methods and Rewilding Dynamics, Cooperation and Hands-on work at Beech Hill Permaculture and Retreat, Hartford, UK *

* Images by Delia Spatareanu
** Images by Jemma Mitchell
*** Images by Katri Heinamaki