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A Different Way
Notions towards rebalance

'I saw the best minds of my generation destroyed by payment plans.'

Kate Tempest


...'All is ‘things’ in the world they would like me to get into.
And since all is things, one can grasp and order, and accumulate and sell them.
And that is where the cruelty and ignorance towards life begins.'...

After long periods of consideration, I decided to put down a text.
Maybe I start with a short introduction of my own pathway.

My fields of study and inquiry ranged from different art forms, to agricultural and contemplative practices. Only to find that all of these areas are fundamental to being human and to separate them into different disciplines makes things rather complicated.

Also the fact that I lived in and immersed myself into various cultural and social contexts, as well as urban, rural and nomadic settings, I consider very precious and informing.
You learn to detect mind sets, for example, also codes and structures of organization, which again in most cases teaches you about the fact that if the underlying 'human-being-ness' is not taken into account, communication may become utterly challenging.

During those times I also spent long periods in nature. I still do this. Quietly, or observing and listening. And that kind of set the basis.
I also found that this basis was there since early childhood.

So far I have followed a path of learning from whatever or whoever inspired me, and sometimes through restrictions or directions that the body claimed.
This is how things turned out, and I tried to be alert.

Out came so far a rather unconventional and at times quite extreme pathway, and I am aware that within the social and cultural contexts I lived in up to now, this might not be the most comprehensible of ways, neither is it a very fortunate one in terms of social status or access.

One thing is though, that in general I sense that as a human being I live and work not for myself, but as part of all what we call nature, thus I contribute to nature as a whole.

In other words, I am aware that every action I perform, influences and is influenced by everything.

Even simpler: I am in everything and everything is in me.

Concerning life in all its perceived diversity there is a sensation of kinship, paired with a sense of wonderment.

With that, naturally, comes a sensation of wanting to protect, to foster and serve.

To sense that my activity participates in an act of exploitation, or that it generates or perpetuates suffering and harm, being caused by current ways of operation and perception, is neither bearable for a long time, nor is it acceptable.

I hope to contribute to the common good through my activity.
This notion, for me, integrates the physical, emotional and spiritual well-being of a community.
Also I perceive this common good as not exclusive to the human species.
That means that I see the term 'community' as inclusive of plants, animals, mountains, rivers...
I do not believe in the well-being of a human community, in the way described above, without the well-being of the greater context it is embedded in and dependent upon.

And yet, I surely would not want to encourage any certain manner of living, other then to follow your heart.

In my case, living in a way that I sense as honest and authentic results in a sort of semi-nomadic and often precarious lifestyle for now.

I do not have the financial means or back-up to establish a permanent access to land or a house as a base.

So far it also did not occur that I participated in a collaborative effort of a communal living project, although I know of quite a few and regularly passed on the information to people who where searching.
So far for me this did not seem to fit.

On my travels I have met quite a few with quite similar dispositions.
And what I sensed there, was an immense creative and sensitive potential that is going to waste, a potential that at the same time seems to respond to contemporary and pressing demands.

Yet, naturally, most of those people are conventional-category-defying individuals, alas they find themselves 'outside' (and in the worst case in situations where they shall be re-socialized and categorized), using whatever energy they can mobilize to get by.
If they get by.

All of this may be seen as reason why I would make the step and reach out for support.
I think it is time for new ways of collaboration and structures that might just encourage and enable more people to listen and follow consequently.
I think we will be surprised by the powers that this would liberate.

Exercising Interconnectivity and Establishing New Structures

In my experience, a direct personal relationship is the only thing that might withstand and outlive failure or abuse enacted by a given system. It is those relationships that make a life situation within a society resilient.

To me, the potential of a mentorship (or just a collaboration on the basis of a clear, open and mutual understanding) is, that people whose abilities and drives, or fortunate circumstances have led to the accumulation of a certain financial wealth and/or land, decide to share some of that 'water’ with others.

With others I mean people whose sensibilities and talents might be less valued or featured in a given society, or who were simply less fortunate.
The mentor, however, sees a value and decides to support.
In that way, a mentorship could be described as a collaboration and a contribution towards a more diverse and healthier society.

Another concept is that of Dana which in Buddhism or also in Hinduism, for example, describes a formal religious act of giving to a monastic person or a person on a spiritual path.
Dana is an integral part and a common practice of many Eastern societies.
It is clear that the monks add their kind of contribution, which is valued and respected, just as those who give and support them follow their own occupations.

In general I believe that lived and exercised interconnectivity and diversity is one of the ways that may lead to a certain emancipation from a system operating by rules and values that are more and more being identified as not sustainable in the long run, to say the least.

I think more and more people are aware of this.
Maybe it is more of a hope.
Quite simply and quite generally for the Earth's precious land and life.

I am aware that all this implies a spirit of cooperation in a system based on the concept of competition, and it implies an ethic of ‘what is enough’, in a system based on the concept of the ever growing accumulation of material wealth as modus operandi.

Alas, I would say that this is where the challenge lies.
A lot of it depends on personal initiative.
And in a way I think that nature already starts to support by making a clear feedback and message felt from her side.


How to Support in My Case

If what I outline here and what I share through my website speaks to you and you would like to support, please feel free to do so.

In my case, foremost a homebase as living and work space, and as a tool for the implementation and materialization of projects would be primary.
Certainly, if there is an old house or farm that needs somebody to live in and breathe life into it, I am interested.
I am not tied to a specific country.
A description of my approach and vision you find here.

Also financial support would be of great help.
That could be a small or big monthly contribution or a small or big one time gift.
The money will be used for necessary living expenses and artistic materials.

Another way of support could be talking about and sharing what inspired or touched you.

If you would like to organize a reading or event, if you are looking for any information regarding themes you find on the site, or are interested in acquiring or exhibiting artwork, please get in touch.

In any case, know that any support or cooperative effort surely is greatly appreciated.

I think it is time to be courageous, and I think it is time to implement new ways.

My best wishes and an enormous thank you!
Lars Schmidt

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Ultimately, I would like to express my sincere and deep gratitude for the support, help and openness I have met on the way. As I often mentioned, if you could meet each other...what a beautiful gathering it would be.