Mountains and Rivers are Speaking

The Natural Circus on the Road

These images are of some of the shelters and spots I have been living in during the past years.
Of course there also have been rooms and apartments of friends and aquaintences, that helped when shelter was needed.
Living like this in this society means being dependent on the understanding, friendship and hospitality of others.
Thank you for this!

To my understanding, everybody should have free access to land for food and shelter, if she or he wishes so.
To separate people from the land and the possibility to feed and protect themselves in a self-governed manner, by turning the earth into private property, means denying a human being the natural right to life.
It means driving a human being into labor for money.
It is an exploitation of human beings and of the land.

I write this, well aware that everything in these times seems to go in the opposite direction, and making money to make ends meet is the usual practice and considered normal.
For the sake of land and people, however, I believe this to be a harmful practice, as long as this is the only choice.