Cultural Revolutionaries


Cultural revolutionaries of Western thinking…

_regard themselves as equal to all life forms
_know that life is too complex to understand it intellectually
_value interdependence, since they know that nothing is separate
_build and support local, self-governed economies
_value and safe-guard diversity of all kind
_love and support children unconditionally
_know about ecological principles and integrate them into their lives
_see music and dance as an integral part of their expression and communication
_live on an animate earth and regard it as sacred
_know how to grow their own food
_know how to listen
_appreciate their sensory awareness
_celebrate life
_make the shift from thinking ‚either, or‘ to thinking ‚as well, as‘
_share their knowledge
_understand and integrate process as a way of being
_are not identified with their body, thoughts or emotions
_are not identified with any social tag, their past or their future
_are aware that the very essence of who they are is life itself
_turn from dependent consumers to responsible producers
_value and integrate the wisdom of women
_value and integrate the wisdom of indigenous cultures
_value generalist knowledge
_work towards diversification and decentralization
_are looking for ways so that their interests and talents may unfold
_have the courage to resist and disobey laws that render self-rule, self-provisioning, and self-sustenance illegal
_have the courage to protect and defend their natural environment
_are informed about the current money system and identify it as a contemporary form of enslavement
_identify and boycott biological, cultural, social and philosophical monocultures
_boycott monopolies of any kind
_value environmental and human ethics over profit maximization
_boycott corporations and banks operating for profit maximization
_reclaim land and forests as common good
_reclaim water as common good
_reclaim biodiversity and knowledge as common good
_are aware that they participate in the process of co-creation at all time
_question everyone who promotes one solution

Berlin, 03/2009
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The ‘Cultural Revolutionaries’ Project, along with its declaration, emerged while I was inspired by the work of Rupert Sheldrake, the Tipping Point Theory and the concept of Memes.

To keep it simple: It is based on the idea that thoughts are not personal, but that they might be seen as emerging vibration that eventually expresses itself in behavior.
And further, that when a crucial number of ‘individuals’ execute a certain thought or behavioral pattern, this pattern is likely to take over and become dominant, or it may suddenly appear with other groups of individuals, in another place, without direct ways of communication.

And so I thought, what about coming up with a sort of blueprint of thoughts and behavior that, if embodied and implemented, would definitely help to rebalance dynamics that I felt very one-sided and thus destructive in Western societies.

This thought pattern then should be read and thus thought by as many as possible.
In a way it wouldn’t even matter if people understood it or not.
The idea was to get those thoughts even further out ‘in the air’ (since for sure that’s where they came from...)
So the idea was to amplify things (that is to say: vibrations) which are already around.

I wrote down a description of a 'Cultural Revolutionary in 2009' as holistic as possible, and apart from asking friends to translate the declaration, I played around and introduced the use of street art techniques as a means of communication.

(add on: I decided to not renew the contract for the original url in 2016)