Mountains and Rivers are Speaking

'My approach to art in general might be called a spiritual approach.
If you feel the desire to look for a purpose in art, I would say that one purpose may be to quiet the mind and thus reveal a sort of ungraspable beauty and truth that is always here, yet hidden by a world of names and forms.
In other words: art may point out our common origin.'

Lars Schmidt is a poet, wandering monk, a multidisciplinary artist and builder of bridges at the margins of art and ecological thinking.
He immersed himself deeply into the realm of the body-mind and its natural environment by studying and exploring such fields as ecology and indigenous cultures, psychology and somatics, artforms like acting, dance and improvisation, as well as eastern philosophies.
He has lived and worked on organic farms for several years and knows the life of mountain shepherds as well as the bustling of metropoles like New York, Paris, Buenos Aires or Berlin.
He has been working internationally as actor for film, television and theater; as director and visual artist, before focussing on post modern dance forms, the approach of contemplative arts, and wildlife conservation/restoration projects.
He also holds a Diploma of Applied Permaculture Design.
Lars works as multidisciplinary artist, as teacher and facilitator.
He is currently based in the norwegian mountains.

'I have followed a path of learning from whatever or whoever inspired me.
And surely I have come across one or the other master on the way - in one or the other form.
My fields of inquiry ranged from different art forms, to agricultural and contemplative practices.
Also living in and immersing myself into various cultural contexts, as well as urban, rural and nomadic settings, I consider very precious and informing.
To me this unconventional way of acquiring knowledge proofed as surely not easy, but of great richness and value.'