Contact Improvisation / CI
Classes and Workshops

Contact Improvisation is a dance practice of improvising and partnering, based on the physics of touch, balance, weight, momentum, flow and resistance.
It tunes our senses to be ready to respond in an ever-shifting dialogue of movement.
It is an endlessly variable experience suitable for all bodies and enquiring minds.

Apart from the personal inquiry and practice, Lars facilitates sessions in CI and related artforms.

For those of you who are not familiar with Contact Improvisation, here are some more definitions

'I came across Contact Improvisation several years ago, and since then have inquired quite a bit.
Similarly as with Tango I enjoy the potential and possibilities a lot.
To me it provides a beautiful framework for a wide range of experiences and explorations.
Daniel Lepkoff, Martin Keogh, Ray Chung and Kirstie Simson are maybe the most known representatives of the form of CI that provided me with information and inspiration.'


Desde hace algunos años practico el Contact Improvisación (CI).
Similar al Tango, disfruto mucho del potencial de esta danza y de sus posibilidades.
Para mí, el CI propone un contexto hermoso de amplias y diversas experiencias y exploraciones.

Daniel Lepkoff, Martin Keogh y Ray Chung y Kirstie Simson son quizás los representantes más conocidos de la forma de CI que me proporcionó información e inspiración.

A parte de la practica y las investigaciones personales, imparto sesiones en CI y artes relacionadas.

Para aquellos que no están familiarizados con el Contact Improvisación, aquí hay algunas definiciones/informaciones.